Web Design and Development.

Create and design a responsive website for your business.

web development

The Future Of Business Is Digital, there is no denying that business is more “digital” than ever before. Even decidedly non-tech industries are becoming more and more comfortable with operating online.

With a website, you can continue with business as usual and your clients will still be able to reach you, and you can still provide the services they’re looking for. A Website Keeps Customers Aware, Engaged, and Satisfied.

Business is all about relationships. Developing a strong, trusting relationship with your customers is how you get them to stick with you for a long period and it creates the type of loyalty that isn’t easily earned.

Your website is a place you can post updates about your services. It provides a resource where clients can use to contact you. It will be available 24/7 even if you're not.

Why you should have a website for your business?

* According to research, 81% of people search for websites before doing business. Getting a website for your business is cheap and easy.
* 93% of people find local business online and there are 3.5 billion searches in Google per day, which means there is someone online   searching for your service online, guess who is getting business, not you.
* Having your own business website ends up saving your time, your website answers all the questions of your customer.
* your website will give a clear description to the customer who you are and you can show the services and products of your business in the best way possible.
* You can Target your customer online through the website.

EHRYEU helps your business go online, our team's process of working on creating projects starts with,

1. Identifying client's need : we determine what goals to fulfill, we learn who you are, and create a unique website for your audience.

2. design and develop website :
Based on the requirement of clients we choose
* Color scheme: which sets the user
* Media: contains images, videos, audio content on site. All the elements in the site is designed based on Logo and Brand's identity.
* Framework: Depending on the client we choose whether to hand-code the website or use WordPress. similarly, we choose to use a framework or pre-build template.
* programming language :
we use best-suited codes and the right tools based on the framework and functional requirements.
Front end languages we use: HTML, CSS, BOOTSTRAP, Javascript.

3. Back end Database :
web pages, images, templates, and codes are stored in the database, Payment gateway system, and accepting data. This can be done with SQL or other database and back end language like PHP.

4. Security and performance :
Security of the website is important to ensure the safety of content, email, password, card details, and other user data of our visitors.
Because of high-resolution images, videos and extensive features webpage can be slow.
We analyze the security and performance of the website as best as we can.

5. Launching :
* Testing- Client are involved here, we test the web site's performance, function, and security and confirm the required match of clients.
*. Hosting and domain name :
Once the website is tested we transfer the code to client hosting and domain name.
EHRYEU also offers hosting and domain plan to customers.

6. Maintenance :
This includes posting blogs, podcasts, videos etc. We help you in support and troubleshooting if you encounter any problems on your website such as security and hosting.
website needs optimization in order to visible online, we employ the Search Engine Optimization method to gain traffic to your website.